• Shakespeare SRA-50 Sirius XM Satellite Radio Antenna

Shakespeare SRA-50 Sirius XM Satellite Radio Antenna

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Brand Shakespeare

Wide selection of marine products to help fulfil your boating needs. Safety and maintenance products boat accessories and water sports accessories. These standardised product brands and service solutions are backed up by an unparalleled global service organisation to meet your requirements for quality availability and performance. Our products are renowned today for their ease-of-use rugged design and reliability. Using the latest Satellite Radio technology this SiriusXM Approved Accessory meets or exceeds the most recent specifications set forth by SiriusXM. This antenna is compatible with all radios and docks that work on the Sirius and XM networks with push on style single imput SMB connector. The antenna can be mounted on almost every possible surface with 4 different mounting options.

  • SRA-50 SiriusXM Satellite Radio Antenna
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