• How to Pay Zero Taxes, 2018: Your Guide to Every Tax Break the IRS Allows

How to Pay Zero Taxes, 2018: Your Guide to Every Tax Break the IRS Allows

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You earned it, you keep it! The #1 guide to paying less to the IRS every year. For more than three decades, How to Pay Zero Taxes has been helping people like you make tax time less draining, on both your emotions and your finances. You can save more money than you ever imagined when you have the right informationand that's exactly what tax expert Jeff Schnepper provides. This engagingly written guide makes even most complex information easy to understand, delivering valuable advice on everything from converting personal expenses into business deductions to avoiding (or surviving) an audit. Fully updated for 2018, How to Pay Zero Taxes covers all the latest tax changes. You'll learn how to take advantage of IRS-sanctioned deductions, shelters, credits, exemptions, and more. Plus, you'll find hundreds of insider tips designed to lower your tax bill. Whether you're a tax professional or a home filer, this book will help you pay less to the IRS this year-and every year. Focus on what matters most: tax saving, not tax preparation. How to Pay Zero Taxes provides everything you need to know about: * New tax lawsincluding surcharges on earned and unearned income * Exemptions, credits, and exclusions * Special capital gains and dividends rules * Increased IRA and retirement plan limits * Job hunting and relocation expenses * Theft and casualty losses * Child care and elder care * Educational and Roth IRAs
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