• Cobra Dash Camera with GPS - COBCDR875G

Cobra Dash Camera with GPS - COBCDR875G

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Brand Cobra
1080P Full HD;GPS enabled;Bluetooth enabled alerts to red light cameras, speed cameras, live police radar and shared radar alerts;2.0 inch LCD screen;160 viewing angle;California Residents: WARNING Drive HD Dash Cams allow drivers to protect their vehicle, relive their drive and share interesting footage by continuously recording video of the road ahead in 1080P Full HD video. The CDR 875 G uses internal GPS to embed the exact location and time in every recording. Free PC software allows you to view video along with location and G-Sensor information. It also includes a two-inch LCD screen, ultra-wide 160 degree viewing angle and embedded G-Sensor to automatically save and protect clips if an impact is detected. In addition, the CDR 875 G connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Smart wireless technology providing alerts for upcoming speed and red light cameras, live police locations and shared radar alerts from the iRadar Community.
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